The Total Group

With a legacy dating back to the 1920s, Total has grown to become a leading global energy company with over 97,000 employees worldwide. Operating or distributing in over 150 countries on five continents, Total is the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company in the world.

Total engages in all aspects of the petroleum industry including upstream (oil and gas exploration, development and production, liquefied natural gas), downstream (refining, marketing, trading-shipping) and chemicals operations.

Coupled with the continued growth from investments and acquisitions, Total is dedicated to meet growing energy needs on a long-term basis. Along with this focus, Total is committed to making significant strides and investing in permanent research on new energies while making sustainable and responsible development a part of the core strategy.

Total Lubricants

Our ambition is to market the most reliable lubricants brand in the world. And it is this ambition which has fueled Total to become one of the largest organizations in the specialty products markets: lubricant, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), special fluids as well as jet, marine and heavy fuels. Total is also a Top 5 lubricants player in the world which has continued to develop and make significant investments, expanding its presence in the growing markets.

Total Lubricants designs, produces and markets all lubricants under the TOTAL brand (automotive, industry, marine and aviation sectors) and the ELF brand (racing and motorcycle oils). Through the brands’ strength, its commitment to excellence and performance, Total has established partnerships with numerous manufacturers, relationships which include but are not limited to: Peugeot, Citroen, BMW, Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai-Kia, DAF, Honda, Volvo Trucks, and Colas. The quality of the products has led prestigious OEMs to approve, use and recommend TOTAL fluids during both factory-fills and regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

Total Values


As a global player, Total offers lubricants which exceed performance and expectations of all industries. The brand’s power and prestige has garnered recognition as noted by our success and performances over the years in motorsports (WRC, Endurance, Formula One and Rally-Raid).


TOTAL is a trusted, responsible and committed brand. Recommended by experts, the organization takes great pride in being known as “the partner brand” and a brand whose customers “feel they have made the right choice”.


Total’s corporate policy is based on responsibility, diversity and fairness. And this is evident as the organization always considers the protection of people and the environment when providing TOTAL products, solutions and services to consumers.


TOTAL is a dynamic brand using significant Research & Development to design and market quality lubricants rendering improved performance. Total’s commitment to innovation has positioned the organization to meet and exceed both current and future technological trends.