RUBIA TIR 7800 15W40

RUBIA TIR 7800 15W40

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High-performance mineral lubricant for diesel and gasoline engines with proven performance additives to fight engine corrosion and wear.


TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7800 15W-40 contains excellent viscosity stability in service, ensuring efficient engine lubrication in severe conditions. Excellent detergent, antioxidant and anticorrosion additives help to reach extended oil drain intervals defined by the manufacturer. TOTAL RUBIA TIR 7800 15W-40 exhibits a high T.B.N. level (11 mgKOH/g) to neutralize acid compounds and prevent their corrosive attack. Outstanding detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep the engine clean and enable effective control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.


API CI-4 plus/CI-4/CH-4/SL Manufacturers’ approvals  Mack EO-N  MAN M 3275  MB-Approval 228.3  Volvo VDS-3 Meets the requirements of  Cummins CES 20078  Caterpillar ECF-2  Detroit Diesel DDC Power Guard 93K214  Tata  Ashok Leyland  Eicher

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  • Gals/Pk – 3
  • Net lbs/Pk – 22
  • Gross lbs/Pk – 25


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Weight 25 lbs
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