Vacuum Pump w/Hose & Connection Kit

Vacuum Pump w/Hose & Connection Kit


¢ Converts 55 or 120-gallon container into a recovery tank.
¢ No moving parts.
¢ Automatic shutoff when the container is full.

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• Waste oil transfer / Cutting fluids
• Paint booth water boxes
• Marinas and many other industrial uses

The 1785 is not an oil pump. It is used to fill a container rather than emptying one. The depiction below shows a man removing the residual sludge from a bulk storage tank and filling a 55-gallon drum with it. The 1785 must be attached to a sealed container to generate a vacuum. Be careful when increasing the air pressure. If too much pressure is used, the vacuum generated is powerful enough to crumple a steel drum.

The pump must be attached to a SEALED container to generate suction.

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Weight 7 lbs