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Ferrous Metals, VULSOL 7000 represents the most up-to-date technology in the development of synthetic metalworking fluids. Formulated with specially selected components, it produces a clear solution in all types of makeup water and contains no nitrites, phenols, or heavy metals. VULSOL 7000 is recommended for the moderate machining and grinding of ferrous metals. It will also perform well in cutting and grinding aluminum. It contains a strong rust inhibitor package, anti-weld agents, lubricity additives, and extreme pressure additives that provide outstanding boundary lubrication during the machining process.


Resistant to microbiological growth., Excellent extreme pressure protection., Increases tool life, prevents ridging, promotes good surface finish., Excellent lubricity properties–Increases the tool life on a large scale of cutting parameters maintaining an additive layer on the chip / work piece / tool surface., Contains no sulfur, chlorine, nitrites, phenols, or heavy metals., Protects work piece and tools against corrosion., Long sump life., Low foaming fluid., Non-staining., Permits operator surveillance of the workpiece at all times., Light viscosity means good flushing ability.


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  • Gals/Pk – 320
  • Net lbs/Pk – 2685
  • Gross lbs/Pk – 2851


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Weight 2851 lbs
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